1st Class Professional Cleaning Covid-19 Approach

1st Class Professional Services remains fully operational throughout the lockdown across the nation.

As essential workers, professionals in the trades and cleaning profession remain at the top of their work, and will be there for those who need assistance.

We closely observe the new restrictions that have been imposed by the UK Government to help reduce spreading of the coronavirus. Ensure that you and your family are protected.

We’re completely operational.

1st Class Professional Services professionals will remain completely operational. We’re keeping an check on the most recent changes released from Government officials of the UK Government, and we’re altering our service in order to ensure that your family and yourself protected.

Cleaning staff, removalists, and tradesmen are the most important workers. We are at the forefront, working hard and are allowed to access your business or home to perform services with safety equipment.

You can arrange the services you require online, make comments using specific instructions inside your 1st Class Professional Account and pay online securely using the use of a credit card. If a professional comes to your location, you can allow them access to the space in which the work will be performed, and they’ll manage everything else.

Keeping you safe.

Your safety is of most indispensable importance to us. This is why we’ve implemented all the necessary precautions to ensure that our services are delivered in the most secure manner possible.
All 1st Class Professional Services professionals…

  • Distancing yourself from social events (keep at minimum 2 meters distance);
  • Always carry and use hand rubs containing alcohol;
  • Make sure to regularly clean their mobiles keys, mobile phones and other items that are frequently used;
  • Use protection equipment (gloves masks, gloves, and other equipment, if needed);
  • Disinfect and clean your clothing and shoes every day;
  • Wear overshoes whenever entering premises of customers;
  • Remove and seal any cleaning products used;
  • Make sure that all equipment and tools are clean that they’ve employed for the job.
  • Utilize the contactless service protocol to safeguard you as well as 1st Class Professional Services professionals;
  • We provide Antiviral Sanitization Services Alongside all of our services for cleaning, we’ve in the last week , we delivered greater than 100 hours Antiviral Sanitisation Service.
  • We assist the essential workers: recognizing the effect stress can have an impact on the lives of key workers, we’ve made the decision to support a range of important workers like police officers, medical personnel and firefighters. In the past, we’ve assisted more than 400 people. Our team of technicians has completed more than 1500 jobs at discounted rates , and also provided over 360 hours of cleaning for free. We also gave the free 1st Class Professional Club membership to more than 400 of our key employees.

Our staff is protected

In addition to following all official instructions, we are constantly updating our franchisees as well as all personnel on safety and health precautions.

Each 1st Class Professional Services representative:

  • Carries and often employs alcohol-based hand rubs;
  • Cleanse their mobile devices regularly keys, mobile phones and other devices that are regularly used;
  • Wears protective equipment (gloves masks, gloves and other equipment, if needed);
  • Cleans and disinfects clothing and shoes every day;
  • Make sure to wear overshoes in all homes;
  • Seals and safely disposes any cleaning products used;
  • Infect all tools and equipment they’ve employed for the task.

What else?

  • We’re asking each customer to confirm whether there have been any instances of COVID-19 on the property or that it isn’t under quarantine.
  • We have postponed or cancelled every employee and franchise event;
  • All the support staff and customer service personnel work from home.
  • We strictly follow the rules that are provided by NHS as well as The British Government.
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