All Round Property Maintenance within Reading through Expert Tradespeople

One-stop shop for all repairs and maintenance services for your home.

What is the process?

  • 1.You request a tradespersonBook your appointment at any time , and inform us of the details you require. We’ll contact you shortly after to set up your booking and then hire an expert tradesperson on your behalf.
  • 2.Get met by an Fantastic tradesmanThe service you receive is managed by a skilled technician who has the necessary skills and tools to deliver the best outcomes. For custom-designed projects an expert will carry out an on-site inspection to create an individual strategy.
  • 3.Guaranteed the quality of workmanshipThe company believes its customers need only the very best. Simply knock on the door and the dependable professional will take care of all the odd jobs according to our highest Fantastic standards.
  • 4.That’s it! Your home is now in excellent condition!There is no need to worry about DIY catastrophes. Nowthat everything is fixed the home improvement projects will be a dream come true.

Begin Your Journey With The Fantastic Tradesmen

  • Tradesmen who are insured and trained
    • In person interview and final selection;
    • Highly instructed at an extensive training program at the Fantastic Academy;
    • Possessing a public liability insurance that is up to 5 milliondollars;
    • Clean, efficient and courteous;
    • Be careful with your belongings when you work;
    • Available All week, all the time
  • Experts who know what’s best for you, and your home.
    • Always be aware of the root of the problem and what you can fix;
    • The ability to perform electrical plumbing, carpentry, repair or assembly work;
    • Skilled at deciphering instructions;
    • We’ll gladly purchase, select and deliver the appropriate materials right to your door;
    • We are ready to help with renovations or complete property renovations;
    • Constantly mindful of keeping the work space neat and tidy.
  • With all the necessary tools needed for the job.
    • Every Fantastic tradesperson is equipped with a wide assortment of power and manual equipment, from drills, saws and wrench sets, up to tall ladders.

“As part the Fantastic Services Quality Standard, Fantastic tradespeople use only equipment that is supplied by well-known, established local suppliers.

If you’re looking to work with Fantastic Services in London or already have the knowledge and equipment listed above, make sure you get in touch with us..

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