Domestic Gardening

Domestic Gardening

Benefit from our gardeners based in Reading.

  • 1. Book a group of garden experts We’ll ask you what you’d like to have completed, and the size and condition of the yard. In return, we’ll give you a personalized estimate. After booking, we’ll call you to confirm your booking.
  • 2. Don’t have to be awed by the 1st Class Professional Gardeners Two gardeners will be at your home at the time you specified. They will be bringing all the equipment and tools required to complete the task.
  • 3. Leave gardening tasks to experts. When they arrive, the crew will inspect the state of your garden before getting immediately to work. They’ll complete their work to the highest quality without causing any inconvenience to you.
  • 4. Enjoy your clean area and stay safe. Congrats! Your outdoor space is now cozy again. It was done in a matter of minutes at the convenience of your own home. Opt to use our regular maintenance service to ensure it stays the same way for a long time.

Why Choose the 1st Class Professional Gardeners

  • Professionals with experience
    • Interviews with individuals;
    • Highly educated by the 1st Class Professional Academy;
    • Fully covered the amount of PS1 million
    • Fast and efficient.
    • Polite, neat and well-dressed;
    • Safety masks are equipped with gloves according to Coronavirus threat;
    • Professional and committed to quality.
    • We are available to visit you every day whatever the weather.
    • Keep yourself safe and avail contactless service with us for those who have a front-facing garden as well as a gate in your backyard.
  • Experts who are aware of what’s best for you as well as your garden
    • The lawn and garden services you provide can be customized to suit your preferences;
    • Gardeners from Reading are able to perform the lawn mower, edge trimming hedges, weeding, cutting, leaf clearance, and patio cleaning
    • The landscaping we offer includes pavers, artificial grass, turfing fencing, decking and graveling, landscaping and hedging, window boxes sheds, storage solutions for storage and much more.
    • The experts can provide gardening advice and guidance in selecting the right plants for your specific setting;
  • With the right tools for the job.
    • All teams are equipped.
    • Utilizing petrol-powered trimmers in a judicious manner lawn mowers, chainsaws;
    • A reliable rope system and equipment to protect yourself during tree surgery.

As part of the 1st Class Professional Services Quality Standard, 1st Class Professional Gardeners use only equipment that is supplied by well-known and established local suppliers.

If you’re looking to work with 1st Class Professional Services in Reading or already have the experience and equipment mentioned above – be sure you get in touch with us..

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