Dry Cleaning Pickup And Delivery In Reading

Dry cleaning collection and delivery services are available in Reading

Dry-clean your clothes and pressed, and then ready to wear within the next 24 hours.

  • FREE delivery and collection each time
  • Fast turnaround times in just 24 hours
  • There are no harsh chemicals, and only green products

Cost to 1st Class Professional Club members starts from PS0 instead of PS20

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What is the process of dry cleaning in Reading functions

  • 1. Book online and select your delivery and collection dates.
  • 2. We’ll assign an agent to collect your belongings. Time limit of 3 hours for pickup applies.
  • 3. Your perfect clean clothes will be delivered to your door in just 24 hours
  • 4. Enjoy your clean, dry-cleaned items without the stress

Your FREE pick-up & delivery dry cleaning service in Reading at a glance

It’s not much more frustrating than destroying your impeccable dry-cleaned, professionally pressed clothes when you put the clothes in a bag at the neighborhood dry cleaning shop in Reading. All this after you’ve found the time to travel to and from the location, as well as the struggle to find a parking space…

So, leave all the waiting and rushing to us by reserving our convenient and quick dry cleaning pickup and deliver service to Reading now! 1st Class Professional Services offers free pickup and delivery in addition to your dry cleaning service and will complete the order according to your expectations for speedy and quality results.

The cleaners use CO2 dry cleaning solutions which will not harm the planet as well as you. CO2 is safe and naturally occurring gas that when it is liquid has demonstrated its properties as solvent. In addition, is the use of CO2 gas pressurized to be used as a solvent during dry cleaning is recognized as a more secure and environmentally friendly alternative. When the cycle of washing has been completed, CO2 is recycled and reused. This process doesn’t create harmful chemicals on your clothes or in the air.

We are able to assist in your dry-cleaning needs in any part of the M25 zone in Reading from Monday to the weekend. Just place your order online within less than an hour, and we’ll send an employee to pick up your items on the day that works for your needs.

How does our dry cleaning pick up and delivery service in Reading usually go?

To begin, click one or the pink button that appear on this page to personalize your purchase. Tell us what we’ll need to collect to dry-clean and whether there’s anything specific about your clothing that we should know about. Choose the date and time you’d like us to arrive, too.

A driver will come to you within the time-frame you have specified and take the items you want. The driver will transport your possessions to a trusted dry cleaning service which will quickly and effectively cleaned.

Dry cleaner delivery service driver will be visiting you after 24hrs after receiving your order and will take your clothes as well as other items back clean fresh, fresh, and beautifully press.

Simple as that! The clothes you have purchased will be picked up, professionally dry-cleaned ironed, and returned to your doorstep in just 24 hours. With this laundry pickup and delivery service, you won’t have to spend your time standing in queues. What’s not to love? !

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