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Assuring all rights and possessions within the property

  • Inventory Reports
  • Energy Performance Certificate
  • Floor Planning
  • Gas Safety Certificates
  • Property Photography

Find the Property Inventory Service in 4 Easy Steps!

  • 1. Choose your inventory service, then get in touch with us to arrange an appointment.
  • 2. Grant permission to access the premises, so that the inventory clerk is able to start the process.
  • 3. An experienced and knowledgeable inventory clerk will have the appropriate skills to ensure the best outcomes.
  • 4. That is all you need to do. Now you are able to enjoy the extra time to relax you’ve always desired!

Property Inventory Services Suitable for Landlords, Tenants and Managing Agencies

  • Inventory Reports – An inventory report is a formal document that provides information on the contents of a property. It provides descriptive details about the furnishings, appliances, and furnishings in the space. It also includes photographs to prove the claims made in the report.
  • Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) – When an asset is being either rented or sold or leased out, the owner/landlord is obliged by law to issue an EPC. The EPC is prepared following an inspection by an approved assessor who evaluates the whole property and provides details about the energy consumption and needs. The certificate also includes suggestions on how to increase the efficiency of energy use in the building. If the landlord takes these measures then he has the right to raise the rent. After the report is issued, it lasts for 10 years.
  • The Gas Safety Certificate – This certificate is issued when a home is inspected by a gas certified engineer. Be aware that the inspection is mandated by law, and you could either pass or fail in the event of dangers of gas leaks or malfunctioning appliance. The purpose of the inspection is to minimize the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning, and it concentrates on gas-powered appliances as well as those that supply gas. The faults discovered are thoroughly documented, and suitable repairs are recommended by the specialist.
  • Floor planning – A thorough floor plan is a vital document that is required for any purchase that uses real property. It allows both landlords and tenants to look at the property’s layout and provides them with a notion of the size of the property and fire regulations, as well as the dimensions of every room.
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