Waste Removal

The Easiest Way to Deal with Waste Removal in Reading

The one-stop-shop for all rubbish removal needs

  • House Clearance
  • Building Waste Disposal
  • Furniture Disposal
  • Remove and Clears Shed
  • Green Waste Removal

Eliminate all things you don’t want in four simple steps

  • 1. Book your waste disposal quickly and easy

    For booking a rubbish removal service, just call us the number or request an online quote at a time that is convenient for you. The only thing you need to do is to describe the garbage or items you’d like to removal and choose a suitable date to schedule your appointment.

  • 2. Meet members of the 1st Class Professional team

    A couple of junk removal experts will come to your residence with a vehicle that is suitable with all the equipment needed. Just show them the location of the garbage, and they’ll take a close look at it and provide you with the most competitive cost for the service.

  • 3. The experts will eliminate all garbage

    The waste collection experts will do everything while you have a great time enjoying your leisure time. You can be assured you’ll be completed in accordance with your expectations. 1st Class Professional Standard, and to your complete satisfaction and convenience.

  • 4. Say goodbye to your waste and cares

    Once all the rubbish has been cleared you’ll have more space to work on. Additionally, with the aid of this service, you will get rid of all the tedious legal obligations and legal agreements that are associated with garbage removal.

Meet The 1st Class Professional Waste Collection Team

  • Professionals with experience
    • Supervisors are interviewed in person
    • The academy is run through The 1st Class Professional Academy;
    • Insurance is covered in the amount of PS1 million
    • Professionally trained junk removal specialists;
    • Professional, courteous and helpful;
    • Professional and dedicated;
    • Think green;
    • Service available for same-day appointments or late appointments. Even on bank holidays.
  • Transportation, loading and disposal are all part of the cost of the service.
    • Your waste clearance service could be tailored to meet your individual requirements;
    • Responsible disposal;
    • We ensure that all waste/items are properly managed and safely disposed in a recycling facility.
  • All equipment and supplies are supplied*
    • The team has an extended base transit van or an open-cage van to accommodate every item;
    • The durable bin bags and junk removal equipment are utilized for simple and responsible garbage packing and transport;
    • Tool kits if we have to take apart an item to dispose of it;
    • For loft clearance, we are able to offer a ladder upon an inquiry on the day prior to the scheduled service.

“As part of the 1st Class Professional Services Quality Standard, 1st Class Professional Waste Removal use only equipment that is supplied by well-established and well-known local providers.

If you’re interested in joining 1st Class Professional Services in Reading or already have the experience and equipment mentioned above, be sure you get in touch with us..
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